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Welcome to DIY Home Theater Design!

This site contains all the stuff I've collected while researching what I needed to know about building my home theater. I consider my home theater a work-in-progress - Even after two full years of work, it still isn't completely finished.

The articles on this site focus on the design and construction of home theaters for guys, and gals, on a budget. Have Fun! :)

Start Building!

One of the many decisions that go into home theater construction is whether to use an existing room or to add some new space to your house. We're not going to cover the building of an actual addition to your home because of the magnitude of such a project. But something like partitioning an existing space in a basement or remodeling a family room will.

Don't Forget That Wiring!

Did you know that installing several dimmers in a row will reduce their total wattage? Is your A/V receiver or HDTV on the same electrical circuit as your kitchen or bathroom? Questions like these are best answered before you put the finishing touches on your new home theater to avoid annoyances and even fire hazards.

Turn It Up!

One of the neat things about home theaters is the ability to have big sound. Cranking up the volume during the opening battle in Master and Commander really pulls you into the action. The problem is, you don't want to disturb other people in your home.

Turn Down The Lights!

Home theater lighting is an important topic to consider when building your new theater. Though you'll primarily be watching your movies with the lights out, you still want to have good lighting coverage to set just the right mood.

Have a Seat!

For years, you've gotten used to sitting on a plain old sofa or recliner to watch your favorite movies and TV shows You've also gotten used to shifting your weight around every 20 minutes so your butt doesn't fall asleep. Just as how a front projector trumps any typical 25" TV, a good set of home theater chairs can make your 10 year old sectional look, and feel, like something out of grandma's house.

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