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Um... And You Are?

My name is Dennis and yeah, I'm the one responsible for this site. I'm married to a wonderful woman named Gina. I have two children, Taylor and Mackenzie. I grew up in Canada, attended university in Thunder Bay, and now live in a small town called Winchester just south of Ottawa, Ontario.

I'm a rabid fan of Apple's Macintosh, Battlestar Galactica (the new one, not the old one), and Stargate Atlantis. McKay really should say 'eh' more often.

This site came about from my desire to do something with my life other than just software tech support.

You see while at university I studied to be a software developer. The thing is I never really enjoyed reading professionally written programs (us geeks call it code). When coding my own programs, I always preferred to use variable names that were actually descriptive like sMyStringBuffer instead of sbuf and I really hated finding errors (debugging) in recursive algorithms.

See, already you're bored. Can you blame me?

Back in college, I wrote this nifty spreadsheet program for DOS that featured geeky things like BIOS keyboard function calls, VGA graphics, and text that faded in and out (used someone else's code for that). We were only required to write a small rudimentary spreadsheet but that would have been pretty boring and I was going to have none of that.

Though I learned a lot about things like VGA video pages and stuff, I still decided programming wasn't really for me so I never applied myself to becoming skilled at it.

Then I discovered home theater. I own a house now so I decided to finish the basement and put in a family room that had all the trimmings. Its pretty much 98% done except for the gear. I do have the surround sound system, but I'm still working on getting the big screen.

With kids hanging off your leg and life happening every now and then, it gets kind of hard to drop a couple thousand on a new high-definition TV. But soon enough though. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday. Ohhh yes.

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