? Mind the Gap: Improve the look of your home theater by fixing baseboard gaps.
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How To Deal With Baseboard Gaps.

If you installed new baseboard trim along the walls of your home theater, its possible you've ended-up with small gaps between the top of the baseboard and the wall. These baseboard gaps are easily fixed with crack filler. Walls aren't always going to be straight, especially in a basement where the floor isn't always level so small gaps aren't unusual, but they look unfinished.

Get a small tube of non-shrinking, white crack filler. Cut the tip off about 1/6th of an inch. You can cut the tip off at an angle, but you'll have less control when applying the filler, so cut the tip off flat. Embeded imagePress the tip of the tube on the gap and angle the tube away at about a 45 degree angle away from the direction of motion. Squeeze the tube while you push the tip along the entire length of the gap. If you angle the tube straight up or toward the direction of motion, the filler will curl up and won't get stuck in the gap.

Slide your index finger along the gap to gently push the filler in. Some of the filler will bunch up on your finger but don't worry about stuffing it all in the gap because you'll just end-up getting it all over the wall. Wipe away any filler that gets stuck to the wall or the baseboard.

If you used bull-nose (curved) corner bead on your drywall edges but didn't use a bullnose outside corner adaptor, your mitred baseboard edges will have a large gap in them at the point where they meet. To solve this, you can still use white crack filler or white caulking.

I prefer to use caulking to fill the hole, then filler to smooth out the surface and make it look like the rest of gap filler we used. Squeeze your tube hard to get a lot of filler/caulking to bunch up at the top. Then use your finger to smooth the top so it looks flush with the rest of the trim. If you used caulking, then you probably didn't get it to be level with the top of the baseboard. Wait for the caulking to dry, then apply some crack filler on top to level it out. Embeded image

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