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Digital Media Server Reviews

Reviews From Around The Web Of Digital Media Servers

Here's a comprehensive list of digital media server reviews from various manufacturers. These are links to full articles written by experts who've put these sets to the test. You won't find any "I just bought this and it rocks!" reviews you'll find at online stores, just honest and up front reviews I've found on the web.

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Sonos ZP80 & ZP100

".. the sheer convenience of being able to browse my music collection from wherever I am in the house, and to control music for any system in the network regardless of what room I happen to be in, are boons."

Full Review

John Atkinson - October 2006

".. The controller, general feature-set and expandability are unrivalled. Add to that the unique wireless system which re-defines ease of installation and you have a system that blows the competition out of the water."

Full Review

Mark - October 2006

".. probably the coolest piece of technology I've ever bought. Ever."

Full Review

Joel Spolsky - November 2006

Sonos ZP80

".. It's as close to the perfect multi-room audio system as you can get."

Full Review


".. If you're serious about your music, the introduction of the ZP80 makes buying into the system even more tempting."

Full Review

Ross Burridge - July 2006

".. If you don't need to play .. DRM encoded files and you're willing to pay the price for this expensive system, you will find an elegant, well-thought-out system that is a pleasure to use."

Full Review

Jim Buzbee - May 2006

".. In practice, the whole system is as easy as it sounds and within minutes rather than hours we were able to set up the system and start sharing our iTunes tracks around the house."

Full Review

Stuart Miles - 2006


DLink DSM-320

".. Ultimately, while the DSM-320 shows promise, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that it is not yet fully realised."

Full Review

Bruce Buckman - 2006

".. D-Link has broken new ground with the DSM-320, and while it's not perfect we feel that most of the faults could be corrected with firmware updates over the coming months."

Full Review


".. For about half the price of a Windows Media Extender device that only plays on a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 PC, you can handle music, photos, and video with the affordable D-Link MediaLounge DSM-320."

Full Review

Bill Howard - Jan 2005

".. This network device is not ready for consumer market yet, although the idea is brilliant."

Full Review

M Freitas - August 2004

DLink DSM-520

".. If you expect DVD-quality streaming, plus photo and music playback over your network, the DSM-520 will meet your needs."

Full Review

John Brandon - March 2006

".. Those snags notwithstanding, we found the D-Link MediaLounge DSM-520 to be one of the better HD video-capable digital media receivers we've tested to date."

Full Review

John P. Falcone - May 2006

".. The bottom line is that I found the DSM-520 to be a solid product."

Full Review

Jim Buzbee - June 2006

".. D-Link DSM-520 Media Receiver ... is one the best among the available media receiver in the market."

Full Review

Saket Kumar - December 2005

".. I bought the DSM-520 thinking that it would be a great replacement for my HTPC. Instead, I find myself with a very limited use box."

Full Review

Sam Goh - Feb 2006

2 Parts Fusion

2 Parts Fusion DMS-701 Media Server

2 Parts Fusion DMS-701 Media Server
".. At its price point and features, no set-top box can touch it."

Full Review

Tom Andry - March 2006

2 Parts Fusion DMS-501 Media Server

2 Parts Fusion DMS-501 Media Server
".. If you would like to record your favorite TV shows, play back your DVDs at high resolution, archive your CDs and surf the net all from one machine then a DMS is what you want."

Full Review

Parker Clack - 2006


Zensonic Z500-HD

Zensonic Z500-HD
".. As a basic media streamer for standard definition content and music the Z500 works well, with an incredibly easy setup and wide range of supported formats."

Full Review

August 2006

".. If you want to enjoy the digital lifestyle without the hassle and expense of a dedicated lounge-room PC, the Z500 is the perfect choice."

Full Review

March 2006 - Adam Turner


Acoustic Research MediaBridge DMP-3000

".. the MediaBridge falls just shy of Kick Ass."

Full Review

Michael Brown - March 2006

".. On our HDTV, both HD video and still-image files looked great, but what really caught our attention was the MediaBridge's success at streaming a full-length DVD from our server PC without a single hiccup."

Full Review

Nathaniel Wilkins - March 2006

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