? Electrical Wiring For Your Home Theater
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Electrical Wiring And Home Theater Cabling Resources

Do you need extra outlets? Installing a new dimmer? Answer your electrical wiring questions with these free resources.

One area to easily overlook when building your home theater is your electrical wiring. You may not have thought of certain things if you're adding new lights to your room or are installing a motorized projector screen.

Did you know that installing several dimmers in a row will reduce their total wattage? Is your A/V receiver or HDTV on the same electrical circuit as your kitchen or bathroom? Questions like these are best answered before you put the finishing touches on your new home theater to avoid annoyances and even fire hazards.

Use the articles in this section to learn about the various electrical requirements of your new home theater. Protect your gear, protect your home, and protect yourself.

Articles in this section

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