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Learn How To Draw A Floor Plan

Even Bob Vila needs a plan. See how a floor plan can help you visualize your project and help save you time and money.

A floor plan is like a blue print that shows the location of walls, doors, electrical outlets, furniture, and anything else you may want inside a new room. You'd draw one to help you visualize what your new home theater will look like when its done. Its a great way to preview certain design aspects of your theater and make changes before you even start to build.

It isn't super critical that your plan be drawn to scale, but it really helps if it is. You get a better sense of how much space you'll end up with and it'll help you better plan your layout.

For example, if you want to wall-mount your surround speakersamazon ad and you intend on hiding your wires within your walls, you'll have to decide well in advance where the speakers will be placed for the best sound. You can't start doing this after you hang any drywall, or after you purchase a certain length of speaker wireamazon ad that ends up being too short.

Lets take a look at a floor planamazon ad for a typical basement home theater setup.

example floor plan diagram

This image shows the room's walls and doors including the direction the doors are going to swing. The electrical outlets are placed about every 8 to 10 feet to allow enough coverage for your electrical gear. Cable TV, satellite hook-ups, and telephone jacks are also shown.

The light fixtures look like they're in the middle of the floor but thats just where they're going to be when installed on the ceiling. A CRT rear-projection TV backs against the far wall with two floor-standing speakers. The subwoofer is tucked off to the side, and the surrounds are mounted to a low-ceiling soffit behind the audience.

Notice how most things have a measurement. Not so much dimensions, but distance in relation to say, the edge of a wall. Embeded image

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