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Plasma Televisions
Hitachi 42HDS69
Hitachi's 42" 42HDS69 UltraVision. 1024 x 1080i high-definition display capable of displaying up to 281 trillion colors. Hitachi's PictureMaster HD III video processor analyzes the incoming signal and processes each video frame for the best possible image. Includes 3 HDMI inputs, quick start HDTV and NTSC tuners, and ...

Hitachi 55HDX99
Part of Hitachi's Director's Series, The 55HDX99 features a Natural Color Deep-Black Anti-Reflective Shield which aids in absorbing ambient room light. The 55HDX99's Digital Color Management enables it to display up to 281 trillion colors...

Hitachi 55PD9700
Hitachi's new 141cm (55") visible Plasma Widescreen Television combines stunning design with the latest flat panel technology. Outstanding picture quality is matched by a superb sound system...

Hitachi 42HDX62
Hitachi's 42" UltraVision CineForm Director's Series HDTV. This plasma features ALiS technology and Hitachi's Virtual HD 1080p II digital processing that work together to bring the viewer over one million viewable pixels...

Hitachi 42PDP960DTA

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