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How To Install Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Use recessed lights add a touch of sophistication to your home theater.

Its pretty straight-forward to install recessed lighting. Recessed lighting fixtures, also called pot lights or cans, are designed to be installed inside the ceiling so their face is flush with the ceiling surface.

There are two main types of recessed lighting fixtures; those designed for new construction and those for remodel construction.

If you have full access to the area where you'll be installing the light, then you need the new construction fixtures. These fixtures usually sit on special rails that plug into a suspended ceiling track, or screw between floor joists. The arms are length-adjustable so they can be mounted in gaps of different sizes. Recessed lights for new construction can also be mounted within a special aluminum box. This insulates any flamable material from the heat produced by the light.

To install recessed lighting in an existing ceiling or soffit where you simply can't easily get to, then you need fixtures designed for remodel construction. These fixtures don't have extendable arms but use little clips to hang onto the drywall ceiling itself. A faceplate then covers the small mounting hardware. You have to be careful not to mount these types of lights within about 3 to 4 inches of combustible material.

New construction recessed lights are most commonly installed between floor or ceiling joists above. Its possible the space between the joists is actually narrower than the minimum length of the installation rails. In this situation, you'll have to install supports on which to mount the lights.

recessed light

Now this is a problem thats actually good to have. An over engineered floor like this one means the floor above is less likely to bounce when people walk around. I've been in houses like this where the floors were so bouncy, you'd think they were about to cave in. This has nothing to do with home theaters so lets move on.

If you find your fixture won't fit between your floor joists, cut a pair of 2x3's to length so they fit nicely between the joists. Use a set of L-brackets to mount the new supports to the floor joists, then screw or nail the fixture to the wooden supports.

Recessed lights for remodel construction are useful for people who don't have full access to the inside of their ceiling. To install such a light, you need to use a drywall cutting tool to cut a round opening within the drywall. The light should come with a template you can use to trace an outline of the opening to cut. Usually, you would use an existing light fixture but if you don't you'll have to run your electrical cable to this location.

Wire the light according to the manufacturer's instructions. Gently slide the body of the light up into the cavity until the small stoppers come into contact with the drywall preventing you from pushing further. Use the small mounting clips to hold the light in position. Then attach the trim piece to cover up the visible drywall edges.

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