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Optoma HD70
"The Optoma HD70 is a native 720p, high-definition home theater DLP® projector. By incorporating the finest HD technologies, including BrilliantColor™ color processing technology, the Optoma HD70 delivers vivid images and amazing color clarity. With outstanding functionality and value, the HD70 demonstrates the ability of delivering a brilliant projected picture without compromising performance."

Optoma HD72
"The Optoma HD72 projector is a true 720p, high-performance projector for home theater enthusiasts. The HD72 features new technologies to deliver brighter and truer colors to the projected picture. The Optoma HD72 DLP® home theater projector delivers great color saturation and subtle color details for the best image quality."

Optoma HD81
"The Optoma HD81 combines the finest 1080p DLP® home theater projector with a studio-quality imaging processor. Featuring Texas Instruments’ DarkChip3™ technology, the HD81 offers a superb projection solution. The HD81’s two-piece design delivers remarkable, personalized adjustment setting to achieve deeper blacks, higher precision and brilliant high-contrast images."

Optoma HD7100
"Optoma’s HD7100 home theater projector delivers the ultimate in 720p high-definition imaging demanded by the most discerning home theater aficionados. Featuring Texas Instruments’ DarkChip3™ DLP® technology, the HD7100 creates vibrant, vivid images, rich in color and contrast."

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