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Here are Pioneer reviews I've collected from various sources on the Internet.

Plasma Televisions
Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1
The Pioneer Pro-FHD1 is a 50" 1080p PureVision plasma display. Featuring a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and digital noise reduction.

Pioneer PDP-5070HD
"Redesigned Deep Encased Cell Structure to improve brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency.
New First-Surface Pure Color Filter for enhanced contrast, color and reduction in light reflection on screen.
Crystal Emissive Layer for deeper blacks and increased brightness of images.
New and Improved Red and Blue Phosphors creating a brighter, purer and wider color space, improving the overall HD experience.
New Dielectric Layer for improved light management and efficiency of panel.
Wide Viewing Angle of 160° - horizontal and vertical with no color shift or picture distortion."

Pioneer PDP-5060HD

Pioneer Elite PRO-1130HD
"50" Diagonal / 16:9 Aspect Ratio, XGA 1280 x 768 Pixels, ISF™ 3ccc Calibration"

Pioneer PDP-42MXE10

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