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Shake Up Your World With This List Of Tactile Transducer Manufacturers

Guitammer Company (www.thebuttkicker.com): They've been around since 1990 and currently produce five different ButtKicker models.

  • ButtKicker LFE:
    • buttkicker"
    • ButtKicker LFE
    The ButtKicker LFE (Low Frequency Effect) is geared toward permanent installations like home theaters. It responds to sound in the 5 to 25 Hz range. With an impedance of 4 ohms, the LFE can handle between 400 watts minimum to 1,500 watts maximum.

  • ButtKicker Concert: The Concert has the same frequency response as the ButtKicker LFE, but has more power higher up in the 40 - 80 Hz range. Most musical instruments don't produce frequencies as low as what the regular ButtKicker is designed for so the ButtKicker Concert was built to allow the musician to feel more of the real-world bass produced by his instruments and human voices. Impedance is 2 ohms, 400 to 1,500 watts. Barry White would be impressed.

  • ButtKicker Mini:
    • buttkicker
    • ButtKicker mini Concert
    The mini actually has two flavors: the mini LFE and the mini Concert. Both are identical except for their impedance, which is 4 ohms for the mini LFE and 2 ohms for the mini Concert. They're physically smaller than the regular ButtKicker LFE and their power rating has been cut to between 50 and 250 watts max.

  • ButtKicker Gamer:
    • buttkicker gamer
    • ButtKicker Gamer mounts to
      any desk chair
    The ButtKicker Gamer is a small transducer that easily clamps to your desk chair. Its designed for the gamer who wants to feel the full bass experience their action games can offer. It has an external 100 watt amplifier and comes with mini "Y" and RCA adapters to connect to your computer's sound card.

  • Silent Subwoofer: The Silent Subwoofer was designed to bring big bass to your car without annoying everyone around you. We've all had to endure loud, over-the-top bass from tricked out Honda Civics before. With the Silent Subwoofer, you can have the same rich, bassy music without making a racket outside the car.


Aura Sound (www.aurasound.com): Manufacturers of car speakers and speaker components. They offer transducers called Bass Shakers that are designed primarily for music and automotive installations. They have two products in their AST line:

  • AST-2B-4:
    • AST 2B-4
    • Aura Sound's AST 2B-4
      Bass Shaker
    The 2B-4 is a single transducer that has a frequency range of 20 - 80 Hz and a max power rating of 25 watts. MSRP $199.

  • AST-3B-4: Similar to the 2B-4 package but includes a pair of 50 watt Bass Shakers. The optional amplifier can drive two independent channels but the 2 Bass Shakers can be arranged as a single sub woofer. MSRP $239.


Clark Synthesis (www.clarksynthesis.com): These guys started out by improving military flight simulators to make the experience more realistic for the pilots. Today, their transducers can be found in home theaters, movie theaters, and amusement parks. They have three transducers but they don't manufacture their own amplifiers.

  • TST 229 Silver:
    • TST 229 Silver
    • The TST line of transducers
      look like flying saucers,
      but they pack a punch.
    Frequency range of 15 to 800 Hz. Power handling of 100 to 350 watts (max) with an impedance of 4 ohms. It has a tactile force peak of 216 lb-ft and a transduction force of 1.6lb-ft/watt.

  • TST 329 Gold: This model has higher power handling at 400 watts and its responsiveness dips down to 10 Hz. Tactile force of 378 lb-ft and transduction force of 2.8 lb-ft/watt.

  • TST 429 Platinum: Similar to the 329 but its frequency response is even lower at 5 Hz. Tactile force of 932 lb-ft and transduction force of 6.9 lb-ft/watt.


Crowson (crowsontech.com): The people at Crowson have put together an interesting package. Instead of mounting their TES 100 transducer to your furniture, you instead place the transducer under one of your furniture's legs and put a motion isolator under each of the remaining legs. They also offer a pair of interesting amplifier options.

  • TES 100 Mono:
    • TES 100 mono
    • Crowson's TES 100's don't mount to
      your furniture. They sit under the feet
      of your couch or chair
    The mono kit includes a single transducer with three rubber motion isolators. Maximum weight load on a single transducer is 1,000 lbs. Power capacity of 50 watts to 500 watts with a 6 ohm impedance. Frequency response is a super low 1 Hz up to 500 Hz. Its overload protection circuit triggers at 180 degrees F and weighs 3.5 lbs.. Can be connected to any mono or bridged stereo amplifier.

  • TES 100 Stereo: The stereo kit includes a pair of TES 100's and a pair of motion isolators. This kit allows you to connect each transducer to the left and right channels of your receiver. When used with the BMP-3S pre-amp (below), the effect is described by Crowson's website as being able to feel the bass moving from one side of the couch to the other as a stock car speeds by on screen. Pretty neat.

  • B300 Amplifier:
    • B300 amplifier
    • The B300 amplifier is stylish and will look good
      with your other A/V gear.
    Crowson's amplifier can drive up to 4 TES 100's. It features two channels each with 150 watts of power. It has an auto on/off signal switch, a remote, three inputs (left, right, sub/LFE), it has a 20 to 600 Hz low pass filter, and is rack mountable.

  • BMP-3S PreAmp: Designed to be used with the TES 100 Stereo kit, the BMP-3S accepts your left, right, and sub/LFE and sums them to two discrete channels. The channels are fed to an amplifier when then feeds each transducer. MSRP $249.


Sonic Immersion Technologies (www.ibeambass.com)

  • I Beam VT-300:
    • I-Beam
    • I Beam VT-300
    Frequency response of 20 Hz to 250 Hz. Transduction force of 2.2 lbs/watts with power handling of 100 watts to 250 watts (max) at 4 ohms. MSRP $399.

  • I Beam Digital Amplifier (no official name given yet): Can deliver 200 watts into 4 ohm cabling with two channels (left/right). Features an auto-sensing power switching, is bridgeable, and includes a IR remote. Accepts RCA analog and TOS Link/optical input.

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