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Tactile Transducers And How They Can Rock Your Home Theater

Tactile transducers, like Guitammer's ButtKicker, are devices that vibrate a chair, couch, or seating platform. When a transducer is connected to your subwoofer's audio channel, the vibrations you feel match those of the bass from your movie. Think of it as a high-end Nintendo Rumble Pack for your Lay-Z-Boy.

Essentially, a transducer is a specially designed speaker that doesn't have a cone and doesn't produce sound. Instead, its driver is connected to a bracket which is mounted to a piece of furniture. When the driver fires, it vibrates the bracket which vibrates the chair. The result is a perceived improvement in the richness of the bass produced by your system.

While before you would just hear the bass, with a tactile transducer you can actually feel it too.

Transducers are designed to respond to a soundtrack's very low frequencies. Usually operating below 100 Hz, most transducers can go as low at 5 Hz or less. Why go so low?

We perceive much of the sound we hear every day in two ways:

shuttle launch
  • by vibrations in the air as sound
  • by vibrations in our environment

When you're standing at a street corner and a cement truck drives by, you can both hear and feel it.

The truck's engine and body produces sound that are within our hearing range, and also sound that's well below it. You can feel those lows in the air and in the ground below your feet. Both sensations come together in a way we just don't get in most theater experiences.

Thats the idea behind a tactile transducer.

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