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Things You Learn While Building Your Home Theater

It's surprising how many things home theater builders have in common.

We bang a finger or two with a hammer. We get paint exactly where we don't want it. We take so many trips to the hardware store, the cashiers start thinking we're contractors.

Here's a funny look at stuff most of us have done or can relate to during our quest for home theater goodness.

  • Once you've built and mounted a soffit form, the chin-ups begin less than 10 minutes later.
  • Somewhere, somehow, at least one of the 2x4's in the room has your blood on it.
  • Another 14 have sweat drops from the end of your nose!
  • As early as the framing stage, you build a full scale cardboard mock-up of a projector screen just to see what it will look like.
  • Green or blue painter's tape on a wall causes you to pause, sit and stare at it for a minimum of 5 minutes per build session.
  • True love is your significant other agreeing to paint ANY large household surface flat black.
  • Even though you have no audio whatsoever hooked up, you will still turn on the projector and watch at least half of a movie.
  • A regular upright household vacuum cleaner is the single most efficient way to blow drywall dust into every nook and cranny of your house.
  • clint
  • You will always buy about a half pound of screws less than what you really needed.
  • While holding your power nailer, you will at least once gaze into the distance and whisper to yourself in a low voice "You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"
  • Fibreglass is way, way, waaaay itchier than mineral wool.
  • You realize that virtually ANY drywall mistake can always be fixed with enough drywall compound.
  • The drywall lift - makes you seriously wonder why you never asked for one for Christmas before now.
  • On a regular interval, you seriously ponder as to how much of a gap there really is between "good" and "good enough".
  • Drywall dust in coffee doesn't seriously affect the overall taste.
  • AVS Forum somehow gets "accidentally" bookmarked on your work computer.
  • A reciprocating saw really can be used to cut just about 'anything'.
  • scotty
  • That 'anything' usually turns out to be the component you just finished building the week prior, before you found and read the forum post about how to do it the right way!
  • Give your wife and friends a wildly overblown estimate so that when you're done in less time, they'll think of you as a Star Trek-style miracle worker.

Kudos to Tom (aka YW84U) at AVS Forum.

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