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Top 5 Top Electrical Outlet Locations You May Not Have Thought Of

Here are the five top electrical outlet locations that many home theater builders forget about. You're probably thinking you have enough outlets. Here's a tip. You can NEVER have enough outlets. Don't be a victim!

  • Top Electrical Outlet Location #5: Behind the television: The hottest thing in TV's right now are flat-panel plasmas or LCDs you can hang on the wall. What's not so hot is seeing a power cord dangle down the wall to the outlet. Plan ahead and install your outlet about 4 feet off the floor; this is the standard height for a flat-panel mount. Setup in this way, your new plasma or LCD will look cool and clean. Throw in a video jack panel with HDMI, component connectors, and cable TV while you're at it.

  • Top Electrical Outlet Location #4: Near the recliners: Do your new recliners have tactile transducers or other build-in, powered speakers? You should place an electrical outlet within a few feet of where your audience will be sitting. If you purchased new recliners with built-in tactile transducers, or you plan on installing after-market transducers later, you will have to provide them with an electrical source. Have an outlet installed on the wall closest to the audience or in the riser platform if you have one. Don't think of running an extension cord through a cable run; that won't pass an electrical inspection and may interfere with the signal quality of other A/V cables you may have in there already.

  • Top Electrical Outlet Location #3: Near your projector: If you're mounting a front-projector on the ceiling, you'll need an electrical outlet within about 4 to 6 feet. You can run an extension cord in your ceiling but thats sloppy. The same goes for any projector mounted on the wall at the rear of your home theater. Put an outlet near the bookshelves at the rear of the room to feed that projector. It can also come in handy if you want to install accent lighting back there too. You'll also need an outlet if you're installing a large CRT projector on the floor. Its best to build a nice cabinet for the CRT projector. Install the outlet inside.

  • Top Electrical Outlet Location #2: Wireless speakers: Are you using one of the new wireless speaker system? If you think they're really wireless, think again. The audio feed is over radio waves, but the speakers still have to be driven by an outside electrical outlet. The tricky speakers here are the surrounds because they're usually up high and away from the action that is the TV and A/V gear. Install an outlet within a couple feet of where you plan on mounting each surround. You did remember to make a floor plan, right?

  • Top Electrical Outlet Location #1: The beer fridge: Beer fridge? Ok, so its not a manly amplifier or a cool touch-screen remote control, but have you thought of where you're going to get your brewskies during the big game? Running into the kitchen for snacks and drinks just isn't cool, so why not have your own little fridge you could keep stocked and ready to go? You want the fridge close-by, but tucked away so its little compressor isn't interfering with the show. If you know of the perfect spot for it, make sure you have an outlet waiting.

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